How to re-glue/attach dust cap to speaker?

Jack Dotson

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I recently traded for a Marshall Studio 15. It was very dusty and obviously set unused for some time, but work great other than some scratchy pots and the dust cap fell off from the speaker.

Anyone know how to re-glue these back in place, i.e. what type of glue, etc.? Also, will it cause damage if I play with this speaker before re-gluing?

It's the original Vintage speaker which are said to be the 1st and original V30's, so I don't want to damage it.



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It's very easy to do.
Go to your local auto zone or other auto parts dealer and pick up a small tube of 3M Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive.
All you need is a little around where the dustcap sits on the speaker.
Make sure you lightly vacuum out any dust that may be in the center of the speaker before putting the dustcap back on.
This 3M stuff is the same stuff most reconers use.
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