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How to remove a brand decal from a headstock


Gold Supporting Member
If you had a really nice "inspired by" guitar that a previous owner had put a brand decal on the headstock, how would you remove it? Is it easy? Does it damage the remaining finish on the headstock. Would you have a luthier do it if the guitar was fairly valuable?



Most people spray nitro over the top of the logo, which makes the job of removing them a lot more difficult.

I've built a bunch of partscasters and on the couple I've used a logo on, I can remove it easily before selling because I don't finish over the top.


If it's just stuck on I like that orange goo gone stuff. If it's had clear coat applied over it that's a whole different ballgame.
It'll be worth more with the bogus decal taken off.

If the current seller thinks otherwise, ya'll will never come to terms.


Why would someone put a phony Agile sticker on a headstock? :^)

Dave Orban

Platinum Supporting Member
If under lacquer, you can use a razor to trace around the perimeter of the decal, breaking the "seal," then apply a damp sponge to the decal. After letting it soak for a bit, you should be able to remove the decal. Then you will want to use VERY fine sandpaper (0000 grit), to smoother over and "polish" the entire area.

That's how I would go about it.

If it's OVER the lacquer, you can skip the razor blade part.


Gold Supporting Member
If it has a reasonable amount of lacquer on pull the tuners and ferrules and wet sand the entire headstock with 800grit wet paper (damp not soaking wet, you dont want to get water in the tuner holes). Wrap the paper around an eraser and just work slow till you get down through the decal.

Then shoot a few coats of deft back over, lightly wetsand and repolish.

If its under poly, forgetaboutit.


As a model builder, I have dealt with waterslide decals for years. If it is on top of the finish try using a piece of tape. Press in down over the decal and lift straight up. It will pull some if not all of the decal off. repeat until the decal is completely removed.

If it's under the finish, I would refin just the face of the headstock. This way would be less noticable. May want to consider painting it to match the body. Good luck!

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