How to sell a high end guitar?


Howdy y'all,

I made a HUGE mistake last month. On a whim I bought an EBMM Majesty Monarchy. Loved it at first, but after about a week the honeymoon wore off and I realized it was a massive mistake... :(

Amazing guitar, but not at all what I need right now.

I need to sell it quick, but I've never tried selling a guitar this expensive. Any tips or pointers you guys can give me?

Where is the best place to sell something like this these days? eBay? Reverb? other?

What sort of "tricks" and other problems do I need to watch out for?

Is there a big difference in what level of detail/scrutiny people expect for a guitar like this compared to, say, an American Fender?


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"Sell it quick" is only going to happen if you really undersell yourself.

Don't forget that if you use E-Bay or Reverb, they will take a cut of your sale, when you sell it. I would put it up on Craigslist and Reverb and see where the chips fall.

Selling sucks these days. I'm only being honest. Especially high end stuff. Those guitars aren't rare, and can be found at any big box store, so people buying used will expect a really good price, I think. Sorry for the downer.


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Sell it for price that the next guy can buy and resell for no significant difference i.e. used market value.
Stuff that is marked down to a level at which one can buy and then resell without a big risk sells well, imo.
YOU, however will not like it.:oops:


I think you have to first recognize that there will be a smaller buyer universe, and it may take more time.

To get best value, you need to give people the details needed to convince them it’s in like-new condition.

Good pictures, with detail of the frets etc. Clear description including weight. And everything needs to read clearly and look professional - it might not be an accurate stereotype, but I don’t want to buy a high-end product from someone who can’t spell properly in the description or has a messy living room in the background of their pictures.
i dont envy your position at all. the type of buyer that youll attract is the worst kind- theyll probably exchange dozens of emails with you expecting you to treat them like theyre negotiating the purchase of a yacht. youll need to discuss 'deadspots' on the neck, what type of solos feel best on it, how the finish looks indoors v outdoors, etc.

out of curiosity- are you selling it quick bc youve already impulse bought another expensive guitar and thats the real reason for the 'the honey moon is over' line?
i have a feeling thats the case.


Just got off of Reverb. Tire Kickers, opportunists, they only accept PayPal now (which I hate) and fees. Plus, Etsy bought them out. Most states charge online tax even if it’s a private sale. Yeah, selling high end stuff is tricky unless you take a bath.


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Cant you still return it to the shop where you got it?

Maybe with just a small restocking fee?

If not, wow are you going to take a beating. I wish there was some advice that would
help- but you just should bite the bullet and sell it on ebay or Reverb.

That is about the only choice there is for a fast sale.

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