How would you arrange this group of pedals...


I should soon (pending shipment) have this collection to work w/:

Volume pedal, Seymore Duncan Shape Shifter, Fulltone GT-500, T-Rex Replica, Neunaber Wet, BBE Wa, and maybe the Line 6 fm4 ( though I have not fully accepted this pedal in to the fold ).

Your suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Glenn.


Not sure what all those pedals do. I'm gonna go in reverse order, from amp to guitar signalwise.

Put reverb last.

The Replica is a delay? That and the shape shifter go last (before reverb), though it's up to you what order you want those in (want your delays tremolo'd or your tremolos delayed?)

Put the GT-500 next.

The FM-4 should be placed next, along with the wah. The wah is a filter so technically, you'll almost never use the two simultaneously, meaning it doesn't matter which of those two come first. If you do use them simultaneously..... well, the FM-4 has so many uses that it's really up to you on which comes first.

The volume pedal, either right before the GT-500 (if going signal=Guitar->Amp) or right before the delay. If before the GT-500, it'll mainly control the gain (backing off on the volume pedal = less gain). If before the delay pedal, it'll control your overall volume (although your delays and reverbs will still carry on unaffected). I'd personally put it after the GT-500....... I can control the gain with the volume knob on my guitar, if I so desire.


I'd try
BBe Wah
Line 6 Fm4 (this will work best closest to the 1st of the chain)
Gulltone GT-500
Volume Pedal
Shape Shifter
Neunaber Wet

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