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How would you build your ultimate 5-pedal board?


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3 most essential for me are:

I have a donlop mini wha on both my pedalboards. It is basically the size of an average pedal and it sounds great.

My mini board (the board itself) is literally a pedaltrain 3-pedal riser with rubber feet on it and I fit the mini wah, an SL Drive and a lovepedal 60's reverb on it. The whole thing is smaller than a lot of people's single delay pedal.

Since I don't have reverb on my two main amps those three pedals are the most essential (reverb, wah and overdrive).

If I am going to have 5 pedals, definitely the next one would be the lovepedal brownface deluxe which I use as a clean boost/sweetener, mainly a sweetener. For the 5th it might be a difficult choice between delay, tremolo and phaser. Im probably going to have to go with delay. (although another flavor of dirt might be needed like fuzz)

So my final answer for a 5 pedal small board is:
Lovepedal brownface deluxe (clean sweetener)
Donlop Mini Wah
SL Drive (super bass mode)
ibanez mini analog delay
Lovepedal 60's reverb

(If I had room for a 6th pedal it would be a nano big muff pi)


Mia Peavey Predator...heavily modded
VFE Klein Bottle
Loop 1 Vfe old School Trem
Loop 2 Vfe Mobius Strip delay
Loop 3 Tech21 RVB reverb
1-Off Custom Pultec EQ
Muchxs 57 Champ clone

Just waiting for the Mobius strip to be built by Peter...eta July 2020
  1. Crybaby or Whammy 5
  2. Hardwire Tuner
  3. Bad Monkey/SD-1/Il Diavolo/Rat
  4. Moog Tremolo
  5. Korg SDD-3000 delay (or sometimes my Cathedral Reverb)
That’s not just my ideal, that IS my board.

Both my amps have more than enough gain available for anything I play, so the drive pedals are usually just set to take me from rhythm to lead on either channel.

The modulation pedal changes based on what I’m playing or I can ditch the modulation pedal entirely and use the Cathedral into the front of my DC3 amp. With either my Strat or my Wildkat that’s a winning palette of sounds.


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This is what I want ... Although it will probably change tomorrow :)
Analogman white dot NKT or effectrode Helios
Dr. Robert
Lux or 30 ms
Vibe Machine
Specular tempus or boss RV-500


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MXR Phase 95
Earthquaker Plumes
Boss DM-2
Boss DD-200
Tone Master Deluxe Reverb


Non-boss top 5 would be:
AMP ← Carl Martin Headroom ← Catalinbread Belle Epoch ← Ceriatone Horse Breaker ← Earthquaker The Warden ← Barber Gain Changer ← GUIT

Boss-only starting 5 is:
AMP ← RV-6 ← DD-3T ← CE-5 (analog) ← BD-2 ← OD-3 ← GUIT


Mmmh, let’s play and exclude multi fx pedals. Also assume reverb from the amp. I like big, high headroom clean tube amp pedal platforms and these days I’m a Strat guy

- Drybell Unit 67 Compressor
- Naga Viper treble booster (or Mad Professor ruby red booster)
- Revival Drive (compact)
- Boss CE-2 (vintage)
- Catalinbread Belle Epoch (Deluxe)

tons of Mojo here.

but all Strymon would be very versatile as well
- OB.1
- Sunset
- Riverside
- Ola
- El Capistan

Very pristine setup with a million tones.

Big in Japan

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On a Pedaltrain Nano+:
Jext Telez Dizzy Tone
Keeley C2 Compressor
Lovepedal Roadhouse Eternity
Boss DD-8 Digital Delay w/external tap
Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble (setup as vibrato)

Playing a ‘99 American Standard Telecaster into a Princeton Reverb w/ a 12” speaker (two bonus effects: spring reverb and tremolo)

snow and steel

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Assuming I'm not counting a wireless, tuner, or wah...

MXR phase 95, Xotic RC booster v2, Rimrock Effects Vintage Spec Mythical Overdrive, Paul Cochran Timmy, MXR Carbon Copy.

On a pedaltrain classic w/pedal power 2+

My standard rig is pretty much that, plus an Xotic wah, a shure wireless, and one heavier distortion (I vary between the Keeley 1962x and a DCW Woodsman)... arguably the heavier drive could be skipped if the spaces was needed by simply running the VSMO with both sides of the rc booster all at the same time.

The real trick is running it into a warm amp and having a firm grasp of using both pickups and the volume knob on the guitar.
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I’d use my current pedalboard:

TU2 (I guess I can leave it in the car if it’s really gonna be a problem)


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I use a 5 pedal board for 95% of my gigs and here is what is on it.
Barber Tone Press
Barber Direct Drive
Barbar Gain Changer
MXR Microchorus
Boss dd3 delay


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This is my board right now, I got out of the pedal game with a Helix but recently sold it and got a Nano+. Here's my current setup.

Polytune mini > TS Mini > SP Comp > Prince of Tone > Boss DD200 > Fender Marine Layer Reverb

IF I could change some things but keep the Nano it would be the same thing except either just a King of Tone for OD's (no TS Mini) or swap out the Marine Layer and get a Boss RV-200 (which I'm hoping comes out soon!)

Guitar: Don Grosh Electrajet
Amp: AC15 with greenback
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Alchemist XP

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Jaros Double Cutaway > Ego Compressor > Gristle King > Skreddy Lunar Module Mini Deluxe > Front of Mesa TA 30

(FX Send) Boss MD500 > Boss RV500 > FX Return


Assuming you had to build a new board with your #1 and your current amp, and assuming the board would only be occupied by effects pedals (no tuner, no looper; unless I guess it was included as of an effect), no wah... how would you do it? What board would you use? What guitar and amp are you playing?
My number one guitar is an R9, amp is a Marshall.
For 5 pedals, I want to be able to cover as much sonic territory as possible with them.
1. Strymon Mobius, or Wampler Terraform.
2. Time Line or Boss DD-200.
3. Big Sky, or Boss RV-500
4. Dry Bell Unit 67 compressor, or Becos compressor.
5. Boss EQ-200.

I would already have this setup, but I spent the board money on another R9.
However, this board is my next project.

My current board is a Vox 846 Volume, Jam Wahcko Wah, Peterson board tuner, and in the loop, a Line 6 HX FX.
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Keeley Compressor 4 knob
ProCo Rat
Rothwell Audio Heartbreaker overdrive (none more versatile)
Boss Super Chorus
Nux Atlantic Rvb/Dly

I don't have super expensive stuff but this would do anything for me

Any clean F-style amp with my Ibanez Talman 2 humbucker Bigsby


I am playing a 68 strat reverse headstock and a Victory V40 Deluxe combo.

my 5 pedal board would be based on Blues and British Classic rock sounds.

Ts808 - Naga Viper treble booster - Mxr 74 Phase 90 Script - Boss DM2w delay - Skreddy Major overdrive . For pedalboard I would choose a rockboard 2.1 duo.

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