How would you make this bland black guitar prettier?


i would get white p/ups and a matt black pick guard........ maybe white knobs :)

just make it sing when u play it, no one will care what the guitar looks like..... in fact, if they see u with it, they will doubt their own taste n appreciate yours :)..... be mysterious, just use it w/ no explanation of worries


I bought this guitar because it fits my spec and was really cheap in mint condition, i'm a lefty so i really can't be picky about color, but the black on black just looks so bland.

any suggestions to cheer it up? i was thinking i could put white pickups in it instead and put these pickups in my other natural finish mahogany charvel which i was gonna put a JB trembucker in anyway.

maybe you guys have some other cool ideas? i had thought about having the paint stripped professionally but that would probably be really costy...

I’m a lefty as well so I know what you mean about limited choice. It’s a nice guitar you have! How about some deep silver granite flames spreading out throughout the base and a graphite pick guard? Hope you get it looking sweet!


When I was younger. I used colored electrical tape to make designs, but that was cool in the 80s.
Now. I use 3M films (did one in carbon fiber film) or just order a guitar skin.

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Go to a_swirled_apart on Facebook or instagram.. way cool look for your guitar
Buy a cool looking piece of lace, lay it on the face and spray a bit of a lighter color through the lace and then remove it. I had an uncle that would do that to cars and it was pretty neat looking.

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OP, I recently changed a ProMod which from 1990 although it was brand new in storage, I knew I wanted to upgrade all the electronics except the pickups. Why upgrade those? I did however change the pickup rings to alloy though.

I also wanted to upgrade the tremolo parts but not the unit itself. Brass block & claw, springs, trem-stop, a new bar & nut shims.

I wanted to give it an antique look, not necessarily reliced. I took the sheen off the poly finish which took FOREVER, & then stained the neck.
All the original black hardware were simply thrown into the rock tumbler.

Perhaps this will inspire you: E3F8298A-A972-4354-95BB-A105FF71D61E.jpeg 9DC639C3-53F3-47BF-97F2-05513BAAE4CA.jpeg CF6E8FD1-BEE5-4DA0-921A-12096C85B751.jpeg 2DE26B59-C41A-461C-89E7-D79F20F8801C.jpeg 6A5B8747-0572-4122-887E-6CB701D6D712.jpeg


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