How would you make this bland black guitar prettier?


I’ve had a black on black Kramer Pacer black pickguard super strat since the 80’s and got tired of the look. It already had a cream Bill Lawrence so I changed the single coil covers to cream and cream knobs, kind of like Gilmours.
I’m your case I’d go for cream pickup rings and some type non black knobs, or if you’re changing pickups, cream Dimarzios, if you ho zebra it’ll look like you have single coils. I wouldn’t stick chrome
Knobs on it. Some type Gibson style.


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I bought this guitar because it fits my spec and was really cheap in mint condition, i'm a lefty so i really can't be picky about color, but the black on black just looks so bland.

any suggestions to cheer it up? i was thinking i could put white pickups in it instead and put these pickups in my other natural finish mahogany charvel which i was gonna put a JB trembucker in anyway.

maybe you guys have some other cool ideas? i had thought about having the paint stripped professionally but that would probably be really costy...

who cares what it looks like? If you love it rock it!

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Faux inlays on the fretboard?

I like the plain black guitars, but I think that the vinyl wrap idea is a good idea if you want to change it. The wrap is reversible and also protects the original finish.


Then pay for a custom paint job. Pay the money to make it how you want. There are not many cheap answers, if you desire quality
i could, but after looking at the mockups with different pickups and knobs i think it'll look fine




I'll be honest - I don't care for superstrats, so if for some reason I got one cheap, I wouldn't hesitate much about turning it into a band sticker monster. I assume the OP got one because they like the look (besides the finish), so they might not want to "bastardize" it in that way. I know I wouldn't do that to the ones I like more.

As for the mockups: I'm not sure about the pickups, but I'm not a fan of the amber knobs at all. White for me, or maybe just chrome. The latter might still be considered too plain for a black guitar, tho.


I like the bottom pic, the cream zebras would work better than white imo. And matching cream knobs is classy. Good mock up.
I agree. It is amazing how just a little splash of contrasting color transforms the look. Cream strap to match. (Edit) Or, maybe, cream and black strap.

P.S. My black ‘92 Gibson MIII looks a lot like your 2nd mockup pic, gold knobs and all. But, my MIII has a cream single coil in the middle along with the cream, zebra HB’s. It was my first quality guitar as a beginner and my only Super Strat. It has a lot of natural relic because I played the hell out of it back in the day. I don’t pick it up much these days. The thin neck makes for easier reach, stretching the neck but I prefer fatter necks now. When I do play it, I seem to prefer the split coil sounds the best.
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i'm a lefty, it's impossible to find the specs i want (floyd, S style body, no pointy headstock, 12-16 compound radius with 43mm nut, C shape neck) in a finish i like without going custom.

on top of that i found this one for half the retail price in mint condition!
I feel your pain.

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You could order some pickups with chrome bobbins. Or gold. DiMarzio can make them for you. Uncovered sound with the metallic look. You can even order chrome/black/gold pole pieces. And knobs, of course. Chrome/nickel hardware. Or gold.

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