How would you make this bland black guitar prettier?


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It looks “bland” because there’s no contrast in the body area - try chrome/nickel pickup covers and knobs


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I put a natural finish flame maple pickguard on a black Charvel - it looked very cool - you could add series-single-parallel switches and have a very versatile guitar. Doug Craft Musical Instruments March 2013-077.JPG


I'd leave it as it is, but if you want to bling it up, EVH stripes is what I would try to, assuming you can get it right.


Bits of gold throughout all the hardware. Gold tuner buttons. Gold tuning peg nuts. Gold locking nut screws, bridge screws, fine tuners, etcetera.
Through in some gold plated pickup screws, and it'll tie in the gold/chrome on the bridge.


Pickups come in more colors than black, white and cream.
true but i can't think of any that wouldn't look obnoxious besides those.

I would either leave it alone or put some nice stickers on it ... I think most people here don't like stickers on their guitars but that guitar is calling for them ... if you like stickers ..... do you like stickers? they are inexpensive, colorful, and cheerful

if you like the sound of the pickups as they are would you really change them just because they're black? .... I thin many people would say they think the guitar looks good the way it is .......

black guitars are classic af ain't no denying
i have to change the pickups in my other charvel to a SD JB/Jazz anyway and was planning to put a Jazz in this one, so i might as well rip out the JB in this one and put it in my other charvel, then buy a white/zebra JB/jazz for this one and a black jazz for my other guitar, then sell the 59n this black one came with and the pickups that are currently in my other charvel.
I had the same San Dimas model a few years ago. It was all the same specs except for chrome hardware, which I absolutely prefert to an all black hardware.


I bought this guitar because it fits my spec and was really cheap in mint condition, i'm a lefty so i really can't be picky about color, but the black on black just looks so bland.

any suggestions to cheer it up? i was thinking i could put white pickups in it instead and put these pickups in my other natural finish mahogany charvel which i was gonna put a JB trembucker in anyway.

maybe you guys have some other cool ideas? i had thought about having the paint stripped professionally but that would probably be really costy...

My thoughts... Keep it original and color it with Arpeggiated Ballads.. Im a southpaw also, and very picky... especially when playing Heartbreak Station...

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