How would you repair this chip?


It's on a scratch-and-dent Epi 339. You can see that the very top veneer layer and the whole poly layer (damn they lay that on thick) are gone. Would you gently smooth the exposed poly edge for a less-ugly seam and create a "barrier wall" around the binding and then stain the wood and lay in some kind of liquid poly to build up layers? Then sand and buff and hope for the best?


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Fill the wood grain...sand smooth

Brush on heavy-bodied sanding sealer; sand until smooth.

Spray on three or four coats of black lacquer....sand to 600 grit.

Build up the area with 20X brush-on C/A

Block sand, buff.....done.

Jonny Hotnuts

Use a D/A and remove the majority of the finish on the back and to blend the transition. Sanding sealer over exposed wood, sand to prep, mask and re-shoot the back with matching color and CC.

After enough build, finish sand and buff.

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B. Howard

Yep those poly finishes are thick these days. Looks like a bit of the binding is gone as well so if you are looking for a like it never happened repair it will be quite a bit of work. If you are just looking to keep it from getting worse and look decent it shouldn't be to bad. First check and make sure that the back is still attached to the rim in that area, if it is loose that must be fixed first in order for any type of finish repair to hold. As stated you will need to do some filling, not just to replace the missing ply veneer but to make up some of the thickness of that finish as whatever you apply you will have trouble getting it that thick. I would fill the area with some wood filler, i prefer solvent based Famowood brand but you may use any good wood filler. Fill the defect and then sand at 400, sand a bit out onto the original finish to give an area to blend. Since it is black, the easiest thing to do would be buy some Black CA from stew mac and pad it on , about 10-15 coats should do it and then level sand and buff.

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