How would you wire this? (Convoluted signal chain content)

I run a stereo setup: an Acoustic 150 and a Sunn Solarus.

My chain is as follows:
Ring Thing -> Booster -> RAT -> Phase 90 -> DE-7 -> SMMw/H -> TU2

I want the DIRT (Booster, RAT) effects going to only the Sunn, and the PITCH (Ring Thing) going to only the Acoustic. However, I want the MOD (Phase 90, DE-7, SMMw/H) to go to both.

Normally, I would just put the dirt in the left input (left output to Sunn) and the mod in the right input (right output to Acoustic) of the SMMw/H, but I want the dirt to go before the mod, so the modulated dirt goes to the Sunn and the clean modulation goes to the Acoustic. Can anybody think of a way to do this?

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