Howdy Y'all!

Hi, guys. I'm one of, most likely soon to be, many people from Harmony Central hopping on the TGP bandwagon due to HC's transfer to HC2.0 being so insanely crap-tastic.

I used to be a member here a LOOONG time ago, and I lurk here all the time, but I can't remember what my user name or password was so I'm just using the name I use at HC.

So... yeah!

EDIT: Oh, can someone tell me how to assign an avatar to myself? I can't seem to find the upload picture option in the UserCP menu.


Welcome to one of the finest cyber places on earth.

I believe you have to be a contributing "gold" member to obtain an avatar.

Grace us with your knowledge! hank
^Thanks, guys.

After looking through a few pages it is, indeed, obvious now that there's some sorta' post prerequisite to get an avatar. No biggie.

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