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!!!How's this for customer service!!!


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This is so good I just had to share it. I recently bought a Keeley compressor from a fellow TGP'r that had several undisclosed issues :nono. KARMA DOES EXIST.

The real reason for this post is what followed; I really wanted to keep the pedal so I decided to call Keeley and ask If they could fix it for me. I told them that I had bought from someone, who had bought it from someone else and explained that it had two screws that were broken of in the case and when I put a battery in it and turned it on it heated up to the point where it would burn you... Oh yeah, also no sound came out.

They said that they covered it under warranty and I shipped it back on my dime, they took care of the rest, even replaced the screws and covered the shipping back.

This is some of the best customer service I have ever encountered and felt I should share.

Keeley stands behind their products :BEER :BEER

Thanks so much and the pedal is great as well. If they hadn't done this I would have probably had to eat some shipping costs at best for a pedal that didn't work and probably never tried another one.

It's great to know that there are still some class acts out there and Keeley is definitely one of them.


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That's a great story, and quite a stark contrast to some of the Fulltone threads of late. When I was in music retail, my boss always used to tell us that happy customers rarely tell anyone about their positive experiences, while angry customers tell EVERYONE who will listen.

Thanks for sharing some good news.


I've never met Robert Keeley, but we've exchanged many friendly emails. He's a real nice guy and he cares about his customers.


SKB is another great bunch. I had a SKB PS-35Pro that I bought used. The power supply died. The wires broke right at the wallwart and couldn't be repaired. I called them to find out how to buy a new one. I was worried since this board hasn't been made in 3 years or so. They asked where to send my new supply for free. Shipping and all.

Needless to say they have a customer for life. There enclosures are pretty much indestructible. I have stood on my guitar case a couple of times to get up on something. Nada as far as damage. :crazy


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I love hearing these stories, Robert Keeley is a top notch guy. When I bought my compressor back when he was just getting started, he was very friendly and quick with email. They're small things but it's nice when you're sending $200 off to someone you've heard very little about!

I had a similar experience buying a bunk Fatboost off fleaBay, I sent it off to Fulltone and they fixed and shipped it back no charge. For all the slack Fulltone gets around here, I've had nothing but good experiences.


Keeley is great...even though I have yet to buy a keeley pedal directly from him I have owned a katana boost and modded BD-2. He replied to many of my emails the same or next day and seems like a great guy.

Another great one is Theo Hartman at Hartman Electronics. I ordered a SFZ dual stage fuzz but when I got it...it didn't have the battery kill switch. So he sent me the proper one & told me to send the other one back when it had arrived (he trusted me with two of his pedals). He told me to keep whichever sounded better to my ears, if it had been the first one he was going to install the switch for me. After a while I decided I wanted some custom work done to it so he told me he could do it for free. So I shipped it out for the work and received it shortly after. Another huge bonus is that I only had to pay for shipping ONCE, the first time when I payed for the pedal. He also got back to all my emails within a couple hours. The pedal itself is even better than the customer service. These guys are going places..keep an eye on them.

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