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HSS 2 volume pots wiring help


Senior Member
Hi guys,
I just put a Filtertron (humbucker) in the bridge of my strat and I want to use a 500K pot for it, but keep the 250K pots for the single coils.
My idea is to disconnet the middle pup tone pot and convert it to a separate volume pot for the bridge humbucker only.

Can anyone draw a diagram of I can do that easily. I don't care to have a tone control on the bridge or the middle. BTW, the current wiring is standard Strat SSS.


A simple way is to use one 500k pot with normal strat wiring, then solder a 470k resistor from ground to the hot wire of the neck pickup where it is soldered to the switch and do the same for the middle p/u. Now when you use the neck or middle pickup the resistor will essentially be wired across the pot making it effectively 250k. The one problem is whem using the neck and middle together it will cut the pot's value down to about 160k. But you may even like that or like me have little use for the neck/middle position. The bridge/middle will be 250k which you very likely will prefer.

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