HSS Sh@&bucker wiring diagram?

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  1. guitarman35

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    May 22, 2007
    I'm interested in making my strat a HSS. I like the idea of a dual 250K/500K stacked pot in the bridge. Is there a stacked pot that doesn't require a dual volume knob? Also, does anyone have a wiring diagram for such a thing?
  2. cugel

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    Nov 2, 2006
    eugene oregon
    not clear why you would want that. its not at all needed if you are looking to wire it so the neck and middle sees 250k and the bridge HB 500k. John Suhr has a wonderful diagram to do this. since he makes a good part of his living on building ssh guitars, i would do what he does. google search it. you just need the superswitch 5-way a few caps, resistors and a rainy day. what i am planning to do is wire my ssh in this manner and on the third pot make it a whirl-a-tap so i can split the hb as much or as little as i want. i just havent found the time to do it but the parts are cheap
    now if you want the stacked pot for something else, forget everything i just said

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