Sold Huber Krautster 1!

Discussion in 'Guitar Emporium Archive' started by pirateflynn, Jan 20, 2020.

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    Jan 15, 2005
    The River Bottom, CA.
    2012 Krautster 1 with a Tom Holmes PAF!


    Offered in the continental USA only. No returns, sold as is so please ask all questions beforehand. No trades. Selling some high end guitars and amps to fund a nonmusical opportunity.

    The pickup is worth $300 - $400 alone. An extra black pickguard and black knob is included.

    These are such great guitars. This is my 2nd and I like it even more than the first. There's something special going on. It rings out beautifully, which is accentuated by the remarkable Tom Holmes PAF. Check out the mahogany body! Nicer inlays, too. Exceptional.

    It's in really good condition. The top nitro finish has begun to check naturally, it's beautiful. The playability is killer. These necks are great. Frets are in excellent condition. Come with original case. It is also in very good condition with a small dab of white paint. Some case candy, too.

    Reverb link:







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