Huge lack of gain on 2nd channel of amp?

Jon Wands

I am still trying to find a solution to the issue I am having with this amp. It is a Carvin 2 channel high-gain amp (MTS3200). Clean channel seems fine, Lead channel has huge lack in gain compared to what seems to be with these amps. Gain on 10 it sounds like its on 2.5.

Anyway, I know a lot of you get inside amps. Could it be just a bad preamp tube for the gain stage? No noticeable hiss and the amp is so loud I really don't know if the level is down from where it should be.

I know people mod these amps to remove diode clipping and that could be a removal of some gain, but I've heard clips of those modded amps and A) the lead channel doesn't sound good enough to have been modded (haha) and B) it still has way too less gain. Please help!


Gold Supporting Member
Have you taken a look at the tube in the v2 (im guessing here) slot? Could be bad or also someone could have subbed in a lower gain tube to have more lower gain range. If you have a decent 12ax7 around, pop it in and see if that helps.

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