Sold HUGE Lot of PRS Tuners and Parts


For the dealer, repair shop or the collector, this is a mammoth grab bag of parts for PRS/Schaller Phase 1 and Phase 2 locking tuners. Not sure how many complete sets there are, as I think several could use a Fender or Ping dress washer. (Unless otherwise stated, screw tops are non-slotted.) There are: 15 German-made nickel Phase 1 tuner bodies with knobs and screw tops. Many also have the threaded bushing. 3 nickel Phase 1 bodies. Plus 3 COMPLETE gold Phase 1 locking tuners in excellent condition.

STILL MORE PARTS IN THIS LOT -- Nickel parts: 29 threaded collars bushings; 12 mounting screws; 13 more mounting screws; bag of approx. 50 OEM mounting screws. Gold parts:1 gold tuner body only. 2 appearance washers, 1 threaded collar. Other: 10 nylon knob bushings; 1 brass knob bushing; 7 M3 PRS tuner screw tops; 14 M3 OEM screw tops; 7 #4-40 SAE thread screw tops; 6 Phase 2 Gen2 slotted screw tops; 50+ E clips. Over four and a half pounds of valuable PRS parts.

PLUS: 31 PRS treble side locking tuner wings and 1 "tall boy" bass side tuner wing. At $10-$15 for each wing on the replacement market, that's a tremendous value right there.

All little parts are bagged and sorted. It's all in two fishing tackle-type clear compartment boxes.

$200 for everything plus $15 freight. PayPal OK. Thanks for looking.

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