Hughes and Kettner Switchblade Owners...Opinions??


Not looking for drive by opinions....I have that already taken care of so TY. I want to hear from OWNERS please.... TY :AOK

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I like mine.... I have the 50 watt version and I wanted something that would be easy to gig with. The effects can be a little overblown but used sparingly they sound good and are very useful. The amp itself sounds great. I'm sure there are some high end amps out there that are better at what they do. The Switchblade clean is quite good and the drive channels are full and aggressive. I really recommend the amp. My bass player says it's one of the best sounding amps he's heard in awhile.
I've had mine for over a year now and love it.

The channel voicings for the first 3 channels (Clean, Crunch, Lead) are beautiful. I do not use the "Modern" channel, as it is a goes a little too far for my taste. I am just not a metalhead.

I have the 100W combo with 2 tubes pulled. Doing this does not do all THAT much for volume, but it made the low end more articulate. I like the sound of the EL34s that came with the unit.

It IS an EL34 amp - so it will have that glassy EL34 sound. If you like that sound, you are golden. If not, look elsewhere.

FX are limited, but some of what is there is pretty good and the rest is usable. The delay and reverbs are limited but respectable. I find the modulation FX to be a little too over-the-top, even at lower settings. But hey...that's what pedals are for anway. If I don't want to lug a pedalboard around, I plant a Boss Supershifter in Detune mode in the loop and use that for more subtle fattening. The loop can be turned on/off on a patch-by-patch basis, so I don't actually need to operate the pedal from the floor beyond just using the switch controller to change patches.

When I want meatier FX, I rig up my G-System and am very happy with the results.

I you see the guitars in my sig...and I use all of them with this amp with great success.

Oh yeah - and it's built like a friggin' tank from excellent components. Single-piece folded steel housing for the amp with MASSIVE (and quiet) toroids for both the PT and the OT.


I have a 100 Watt head and a Marshall 1960B and I've gigged for the last year with it.It does a great job and covers all the bases.I play in a Classic rock cover band and we do all outside Festivals and Fairs .I couldn't ask for a more useful amp.The Effects are OK,but I use a rack in the loop instead.I did change the V1 tube to a 12at7 to tame it a bit,now the ultra channel is my main lead channel.It can be tweaked to sound good with about any cab.:AOK


Everyone's taste is different. :BEER

I bought a 50 watt combo, tried for 3 days and returned it. I also have a Rivera R-55 which probably didn't help when I A/B'd the two of them. Let's just say that tonally it was not the same as a Rivera.


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I also took one home for 2 days..there are much better amps for the money..sounds very solid-state.( understandable since it only has 2 preamp tubes), and does not cut well in a band situation...overall just seemed toyish to me...

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