Hum/buzz coming from n3 noisless pups


About a year ago i picked up an american deluxe tele and i was playing it through my mini recto when i noticed that if i take my hand off of the strings ther was a subtile background hum. The hum goes away when i touch any part of the guitar that is metal.

The hum is not as bad as my std strat, but it is still there. If i unplug the guitar from the amp, the amp is dead silent.

If i touch a metal part of the amp with the guitar plugged in the hum goes away. The guitar makes the same noise on my ipad and macbook.

If i turn down the tone knob it goes away.

Do you think this could be a patch cable problem? It seems like improper grounding, but could this be caused by a cable? I dont have spare atm but it should be here monday.

Thx for the help!


I just rewired and replaced the pickups on my 08 Strat and had the same thing happen. I replaced the stock pickups with a Dimarzio Area set because the stock ones made all kinds of noise and it drove me crazy. I replaced the pots and switch with a ToneShaper unit noise was still there. In the end it turned to be a bad solder joint on the ground wire in the pickup cavity. I was even able to put the stock pickups back in with almost no noise at all after repairing the ground wire. On a side note if you have any kind of dimmer switches in the area that you play in you will still pickup noise from them. I replaced my light switches in my practice area and now everything is dead silent with the Dimarzio pickups.


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I had the same noise withe hands off the strings on an LP - the noise came from unshielded wire going from the volume pots to switch and out to the jack.

Shielded wire eliminated the noise.
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