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Hum Debugger live experience


Hey all,

I just wanted to post my experience with the EHX Hum Debugger.....bottom line it works.

I am a single coil lover and I decided I was going to buy one used from Ebay. Before I ever buy a pedal, I check out the forums to see what other people think. I also check out YouTubes. After all of this, at some point you just need to take a chance and jump in.

At home, hum and 60 cycle noise are not really an issue, but when when I play in my town filled with old, old buildings and old electrical wiring, neon signs, flat screens etc., it's a MAJOR problem.

I tried a Boss noise gate. It just a great job when you are not playing, but as soon as you touch the strings that buzz will come through. I also considered a power conditioner but decided to try the less expensive option first.

I have seen a lot of negative stuff about the Hum Debugger on the forums with claims that it alters tone. Players say that it adds some kind of weird delay or "horrible overtones", "extra harmonics", etc.... well I did not experience it to the degree that a lot of players were claiming. Yes there is a TINY difference, and I mean so tiny that it if noise is a serious issue and it plagues your live situation to the point that you can't stand it, I would give this pedal a try. Our drummer and bass player immediately noticed the difference with the pedal engaged.

Setup: Gretsch (Dynasonics) > Hum Debugger > Tube Screamer variant > Pharaoh Amps Echo Jr.> '67 Fender Bassman head

I'm going to post this on a couple other of my favorite forums. I hope this helps some players out there.


It's All Been Done Before
Silver Supporting Member
Just don't play single notes on the upper frets and you'll probably be ok. The glitchy artifacts really present themselves there.

I'm with you on Gretsch guitars with Dynasonics - they're my favorite thus far.


I've played with it in rehearsals, live and recordings. For something like a year I liked it a lot (mainly with humbuckers and a few times with my strat). It also had the impressive ability to reduce the noise floor when stacking two gain stages at loud volumes (compressor on a cranked amp, compressor boosting an OD, two ODs etc). However, I was always noticing a tone difference - not something big but it was making my tone a bit more "metallic". It wasn't about overtones and it wasn't picky about upper fret notes, but it was a slight tonal change that was always on. I eventually sold it and I liked the change back to normal. Nowadays I have a TC Nova Dynamics that I use as a gate when I have to.


Once you hear that strange artifact / notch filter, you can never play it again without it bothering you.

Bill Ruppert

That thing can save your butt in a bad noise situation!
Its so unique on how it works.
I have had live gig recordings ruined to to a lighting crews poor AC equipment.
Sound check will be fine and when the lights come up at the live gig all hell breaks loose.
This could save you.

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