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Humbuckers sound "muddy" - any advice?


Silver Supporting Member
Maybe it's because I've been playing my G&L Legacy primarily for the past 3-4 months, but today I grabbed my Gibson Paul Jackson Jr (with stock '57's) and plugged it in and it just sounds downright muddy!

No note definition, and when I fiddle with controls to get it to cut, it sounds all mid-rangy. I realize the HB's are supposed to sound different from the singles, but does anyone have any suggestions for either new pickups or electronics that will sound good in this guitar (semihollow)?



Gold Supporting Member
You're ear might have grown accustomed to the single coils which would result in a perceived muddiness when switching too buckers....
Maybe, if you played the Gibson for three months straight and then picked up the G&L, you might have posted a thread that that guitar sounded too thin.

However, if your Gibson is truly muddy, first make sure you have 500k pots in there--if not--put some in. If it's still muddy, you can try a set of the hundreds of different humbuckers/winders out there. Can't go wrong with: Lollar, Sheptone, Throbak, Antiquity, etc...

Also, make sure you evaluate your guitar with new strings.


split coils for me, the rio grande texas bbqs in my LP sound amazing in the single coil mode, seem to have lucked out, pretty rare to get a good single coil tone out of a humbucker.


just for kicks, try setting your amps eq thusly: treble 8 mids 3 bass 7. See if you like how that sounds.


Gold Supporting Member
Also check the adjustments on your pickups.....if they arent set right (too close to the strings.....) that can be a problem

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