HX Stomp XL?


Looks like a Stomp and POD Go were combined. Not really sure how I feel about the looks of it...I think it would help it look less POD-like if footswitches 1-6 weren't labeled the same as the POD Go. But I'm sure it works just fine. I think it's a good idea, but it doesn't make me want to sell my Stomp to buy one.


Morningstar MC6mkII will run you $230, then you need a power supply and small board. I'd say it's fair.
Yeah, but the MC6 can do way more on a pedalboard. And if you're not putting this on a pedalboard and gonna use it standalone, then it competes with the Pod Go and that's $300 cheaper. Dunno, weird spot.

The one case this makes sense for in my mind is that guy who NEEDS to use a PT Nano(+, Max) board.
would have rather seen a Helix Bean or Native mobile app or something. Will wait for details for final judgement since the Zzounds page is down I cannot see all the details.
Yeah a Helix Bean/Pocket Pod HX with usb interface would be really useful for me for recording and playing at home if the price was right. Not sure if the market is there though


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Its sounds like these boxes have been around for a bit and it nice perhaps to have them
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It’s cool, but too many buttons for my needs. The reason I bought the stomp was for the small size so I could still fit several analog pedals alongside it. If the Stomp XL had 6 buttons instead of 8, I’d buy it.

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Believe me or don't, I wrote this FAQ many months ago:


So it’s just… HX Stomp, but with more touch footswitches and all the jacks on the back? For $150 more?

Because customers asked for more switches. Or kept finding clever—but way less elegant or integrated—ways to add more switches. And it was relatively easy. We’re not going to pretend it’s the most innovative product we’ve ever designed but for some customers, it’s the goldilocks form factor.

Thanks, but my personal needs require a Variax input, twice the DSP, and six switches, not eight. Why didn’t you give me exactly what I want?
<exasperated sigh>

So it’s like the size of two HX Stomps?
If you omit the space required for jacks on the side (even pancake jacks), more like 1-2/3 Stomps. It’s 12.5” wide (vs. HX Stomp’s 7” width). Depth and height are virtually identical.

Does it add anything else?
Hands-free Pedal Edit mode (tweak presets with your feet), 128 presets vs.126, four snapshots per preset vs. three, and you can access the 6 Switch Looper without needing a MIDI controller. Other than that, it is HX Stomp with 5 extra switches.

Does it have the Command Center?
Absolutely. In fact, a big reason HX Stomp got the Command Center in 3.0 is because we had already done the work for HX Stomp XL.

Wait, what happened to the Volume knob?
We moved it to the back panel to save room. It’s spring loaded so you can recess it into the chassis to keep your cables from accidentally turning it.

Can I use third-party power supplies?
Yes. Any power supply that works with HX Stomp should work fine with HX Stomp XL.

Can it load HX Stomp presets?
Yep, just drag ‘em in via HX Edit. It can also load Helix, Helix Rack+Control, Helix LT, Helix Native, and HX Effects presets, as long as they contain 8 or fewer blocks on a single DSP path.

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