Hybrid Cases. Too Good To Be True!?


Hey everyone,

I stumbled upon a catalog in the mail today from a company in New York that makes ATA flight cases called "Hybrid Cases". I am looking for a road case for my MAZ 18 head and thought they might be good. Has anyone ever used them? There prices seem too good to be true and the only review I can find on them was pretty negative.



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They also sell on eBay as "thecasestore" . I just purchased a custom size case for my Traynor YCS90 from them for $219 shipped. Price is hard to beat.
As far as the quality goes, I can see that it won't have ball corners, but that's ok. I'm not doing any touring cross country. I'm sure it will protect beter than my Tuki cover and that's good enough for me.

If you're looking for a great case for a decent price, try angstrom cases on eBay. I've had a couple of theirs and they're built very well.
Not sure about the cases you're referring to, but I'm going with Studio Slips clamshell gig bags from now on. Amp or cab plus roadcase equals too dang heavy to bother with. Besides, if you load up into your car, the gig bags are better on your vehicle's interior as well.

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