I Am Officially A Boy Band Slayer


As a little background, I live in a semi rural part of Northeast PA (Pocono Area). My house and most of my neighbors have 1.5 acre plots that are semi-surrounded by woods. Nice, quiet and full of nature.

The house next to me is an Air B&B so every weekend or so there are family and guests, I know the owner and caretaker of the property and it is usually low key, kids in the pool, fire pit and occasional fireworks.

So over the weekend, I get a Ring message and it's some kids that said they were staying next store and having a go-away party for their friend and there may be cars around. Very nice and polite and I thought nothing of it.

So last night around 10'ish I hear some live music. Good stuff. Nice vocals as in street corner serenaders, soul mixed in with a little hip-hop. Clearly it wasn't recorded music and their small crowd was participating in singing and these people are a real group. Then a country song, then they would stop. Real stuff, loved it so I was tuned in through the screen door.

So I feel like a little audience participation would be in order. So I get on the chair on my patio and wait for my moment to when they were silent across the way and started playing my tune. It was "Jolene" by Ray LaMontange. Now the song is a little challenging, but I got it down vocally and lyrically. And it used to be one of my former wedding songs.

So I begin to belt it out from across the way and I notice total silence while playing. Then whispering. Then flashlights coming through the woods to my patio. Just call me the Boy Band Slayer. They were good & I had fun.

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