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I bought a Shine guitar (review)


This review is after owning it for 1 week:

I recently bought a Shine guitar. It is the ES-335 copy, but they go by No1002. $325 shipped from a re-seller on Amazon. They are made by the Saein factory in Korea (though this one was made in their new factory in China) and are an OEM for Peavy, Ibanez and Epiphone. So they started branding their own guitars under brands like Douglas, Shine, Stadium and New York Pro. I figured for the price plus a 30 return policy I'd go for it.

It arrived last week and holy god is she beautiful! The top on it is gorgeous; the spalted maple was matched perfectly. Cool inlay on the headstock and a nice finish all over. After I put on some new strings (since it came with .09s) and a little tune up, it was time to play. The humbuckers it came with are good, not great but i expected that for the price. The bridge pup is a little weaker than the neck. The nut is plastic and slightly uneven so that will be on the replacement list. So far, the tuners are working pretty well. I have a set of Gibson Deluxe tuners laying around so I might swap those on. The fretboard plays very nicely and from what I can tell so far this is a steal for the price. All the knobs and pup selector are quiet and work very well.

bottom line: Throw in a pair of nice pups with a new nut and a setup and this thing could be your #1 axe and cost under $700. I bought an Epiphone Sheraton case for it as well (its a snug fit).

My plan moving forward is to change the nut and possibly the tuners. The pickups will work for me now, but down the line I will go for a pair of Duncans.

Here are some pictures:






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I looked at those a while back but didn't end up pulling the trigger - I really love the top on yours, congrats and rock on!


had this guitar for a few months now. i absolutely love it. changing the tuners this week since the onces that came on it are pretty atrocious. but i get a great tone out of this axe

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