I can't believe I am asking about transparent overdrives


First off, I know there is no such thing.

As my great rig pare down of 19 comes to an end I am down to one pedal.

I realized after playing today that my amp does 99% of what I need. I can control it with my eq and volume knob. So I set it up for a chimey crunch. Dig in and switch on the ts for gain.

So what I realized today is I don't want an overdrive or distortion per say. I want a pedal that gives me the amp but more. Just a non middy overdrive/dirty boost.

Here are the contenders:

1. Mesa Tone Burst
2. Xotic RC V2
3. DOD Looking Glass

I don't know much about these type of pedals but realized today after listening this is what I have been after.

My drive section is comp=>mini tubescreamer=>?

So I guess my question, which has probably been covered ad nauseum, is what do you like?

Not a Timmy fan. However, I am after a pedal, I think, that needs to do more than just a clean boost. I need some EQ and gain. So I may have to give one a whirl again.

I am having trouble finding things that work with an overdriven amp. I want to add clarity and punch and chime, but be able to add some gain if I want it.

I have tried a few with negative results.


Keep the gain down low.
In LP mode you get more of your amp.
In HP mode, raise the gain a bit, and things start getting crunchy.
I use my 1.4 as a boost into an FD2 and Plimsoul into a clean amp (Fender Blues Deluxe).
Vol = 2pm
Tone = 2pm
Drive = off.
LP mode.
At these settings, its also a great standalone clean boost.


Sounds to me like you're describing the Klon, or a clone. Have you tried any of them? I have the Wampler Tumnus, and I'm so happy with it.
Never even considered one until today.

I can make my amp sound like every pedal I am using, so I thought, why?

What I don't have is a pedal to make "my" sound bugger with little coloration. I want to be able to add some treble, cut bass, etc.


I strongly encourage you to check out Westwood by Earthquaker it’s everything you are describing, and a bit closer to a Moog overdrive than anything like a Timmy despite its layout.

Another couple options are;

Archer series by J Rokket

RYRA Klone

KTR Klon

No experience with it yet but am looking at a CBA Condor, although for you Brothers has more Overdrive, and Boost options. These two could be worth a gander.


Check out the VFE Dragon. They pop-up used from time to time and do exactly what you are looking for (more of your amp’s tone/gain).


Try a modern treble booster like the Naga Viper. TBs seem to fall into 2 camps: those going for vintage accuracy and those looking to expand/improve on original treble boosters while still retaining what makes them great. The Naga viper is exceptionally versatile but I only ended up using it on one setting, as a straight TB becuz I already had drive sounds I wanted, and replaced it with a one knob TB for that job only. At 18v it will have more headroom, less gain. Or the Red Llama two knobber. Just makes more out of the amp.


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Hey, since we’re throwing out a new overdrive per post, there’s always the OG “transparent overdrive”:

Menatone Red Snapper

Get the 4 knob version for maximum versatility!


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The classic Boss OD-1 is one of the first transparent drives, and a pedal which some of those listed above have been based on.

Best regards, Jack


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I'm a huge fan of the Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive. The new one has a three band EQ.

This pedal is super touch sensitive and sounds amazing in front of clean and dirty amps.

Joyo make a clone, the sweet baby, if you want to try it for $30 or so.

I'm also a big fan of the Way Huge Saucy Box. It blends your core tone with its tone in a really musical way. Cool pedal.


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The RC V2 sounds like a solid pedal to try for what you are going for. I have been using the Scott Henderson model for years for this sort of thing. Active bass and treble eq plus two stages of boost that stay clean until you really kick the knobs.

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