I did it myself...

Trebor Renkluaf

I was hit by a parked car, what's your excuse?
I had been noticing the E strings were producing a somewhat strident tone, not unlike fret buzz. However, this occurred on all frets as well as off of the nut and picking softly didn’t help. This was way more than could be accounted for by the difference in tone between the plain and wound strings. The action was high enough that I ruled out fret buzz. Since it happened on fretted notes as well as open notes I ruled out the nut. I thought it must be the bridge. I loosened the E strings and slipped them out of their grooves in the bridge - sure enough the slots were pretty much flat. I took out my nut files (first time I had used them) and angled the grooves down towards the tailpiece to give the strings a clean take off point. Problem solved. The E strings now ring clear with no buzzing.


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