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I Don’t Like My Favorite Guitar…


Hello all.

I’m learning to play guitar very late in life…still a beginner a week before my 48th birthday. I always wanted to learn, but I never seemed to have the time when I was younger…

And I always imagined that I would play a Les Paul. I always thought they were such cool, beautiful guitars, and many of the guitarists I know and respect play LPs.

So when I started learning I purchased a similar guitar (MK) and then a cheap Epi LP. And I still think they are cool, beautiful guitars, BUT…

I just don’t like playing them. I much prefer the feel of a Stratocaster. I wanted to be a Les Paul guy, but I’m just not.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?



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A lot of my favorite players were Gibson guys, Les Pauls and 335's in particular. I've owned each, moved both along, in fact multiple Les Paul's. I like a lot of stuff, but mostly stick to strat and tele style guitars, it is my home base. I have found more ergonomic solutions to the Les Paul tones, and I would probably be fine with never owning another one.


If you want to play the instrument, playing the instrument that plays right for you is the most important thing. Ergonomics, feel, whatever.

If you don't have that reasonably, it doesn't matter what pickups it has in it and how it sounds.

There's varying levels of tolerance, but most people aren't going to play guitars they don't like looking at. Some people will be encouraged to play more by the cool factor if they like it a lot. But unless you're the kind of person who doesn't have strong preferences for configuration/feel, you're going to be pulled down hard if you play an instrument that doesn't play the way you want.


I know how you feel... I've always preferred the ergonomic feel of playing a strat.
(probably why Three of my Six guitars are Strats. (others are 1 LP - a Gibson R8, Tele partscaster and a Martin acoustic)

just play what you're more comfortable with and enjoy the journey


I'm fairly brand/style agnostic.

I love my LP's. I like my fenders/ibanez/music mans. love my skervesen. They all sound completely different and they all play completely different.

I find that once a guitar is setup just right for that particular guitar, the rest of it doesn't really matter so much.

But that's just me


I don't play anything that the players I looked up to play. I think it's ok to admire others and accept that they have found what works for them. In the same way, you need to find what works for you. The latter is likely to change over time anyway. So play what works for you in the moment.


OP, it's ok. Les Pauls have this mythic Excalibur status that is very alluring to many. Lots of players envision themselves as being Les Paul players or "Les Paul guys", but after they try one, they find out that they're really not. It becomes clear that the Les Paul platform, or the Gibson platform in general, just doesn't work for them on multiple levels. Les Pauls are not for everyone, as much as legend, lore and marketing may make it appear. I'd estimate that for every one LP fan you hear raving away about them, there are at least two players that have problems with the design. So you're not alone by any stretch. Feel free to enjoy another make/model instead.


I have 2 strats and 2 les paul's.
This might seem like a contradiction but for me les paul's are less comfortable than strats but easier to play...the solos at least . I used to like the strat tone better but now i like the les paul tone better...cuts the mix better for me.
The only thing i have against les paul's is that picking one up is like a statement....i feel like you have to show some chops when you play one in public. That's why I'm more of a SG guy now.


Similar thing here. My first electric was a jackson js32 dinky. I played it for like a year before I tried a Les Paul. Like you, I think they look great, but when I held it, it was heavy, couldn’t reach the high frets. In general, the playability was not even comparable. I tried again some months later, I even borrowed one for a week to judge over the course of playing it for days. Still, same conclusion.
I respect anyone who plays one well, and I still think they can be gorgeous instruments, just not made for my hands.


I've always had a Strat of some kind for my guitars, and was fine, no issues. I still like and play them, and have one I like a fair amount.

However, opposite of the OP, I recently got a 24 3/4" scale singlecut and it's like I finally have a guitar that feels exactly right to me. I still appreciate the body contours of Fender's instruments more, but the right playing comfort feel and tone, for me, is in the LP design and scale.


First of all, congrats on getting started later in life. It's a fun hobby and is something to mess around with, no matter what your age.

I played Teles and Strats for the first 10 years of my playing and a SG came into my life and it took over as my #1. You never know!

The great thing about guitars now is that so many less expensive, very playable models are available. Try other types (buy used so that you have less chance to lose $) and you'll find what works best for you.

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