I don’t understand why these guys spend all this $ on a plexi, and...


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All this money on a plexi and then they go and boost it with some pedal. :rolleyes2:


Why would somebody spend all this $$$ on an exotic car and supercharge it? Don’t they understand performance parts only belong on shitboxes?! Sex toys are there to spice things up for ugly people? Spice?! That’s for tainted meat before refrigeration!

This has to be a question from someone who has never owned a plexi. I just shut mine off. Straight in, clean boost, extreme brootalz metal pedal (as OD)... it ALL sounds great... and still like a plexi.

The difference is some amps need pedals to NOT sound like **** (the civic with super-charger/NOS). Others sound just right on their own but the gear is a performance enhancement.

I have been seeing this old question resurface more recently and my ability to enjoy one straight in and boosted inspired the PSA.


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I have simplified my pedal chain since I purchased an attenuator. With my 50 watt Plexi I still like to use a boost or low gain OD pedal that is always on, i.e. TIM, Klon, or even a RAF Mirage. Those pedals are an extension of the amp that work perfect for me.

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