I feel like I have to price my guitars at $50 for them to sell.

Discussion in 'Guitars in General' started by rich2k4, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. rich2k4

    rich2k4 Supporting Member

    Mar 5, 2005
    Very frustrating. Even with eBay pricing, or slightly below, I can't get anything to sell. I'm trying to offload at least 5 guitars. One guitar I've been trying to sell for the last 3 years with no luck. Everyone always remarks how beautiful it looks and I get dozens of "wow" smilies on Facebook market place but no bites. That guitar doesn't come up for sale very often either besides mine.

    There is gear I want to get but can't move forward unless at least a few guitars go out the door. It's very frustrating. Don't want to spend any of "my own" money if that makes sense. Want to sell gear to fund gear, even though I can afford to buy the gear I want outright.

    I'm even considering taking a huge loss and just selling them to guitar center. At this point I just want them out the door.
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  2. '62 Stratmaniac

    '62 Stratmaniac Member

    Nov 23, 2017
    I have hot and cold streaks. I only sell on CL, 'cause I don't want the hassle of dealing with shipping and all the other problems with Ebay or Reverb (like being forced into returns by lying buyers that have Ebay/Reverb take their side). And CL is full of lowballers, kooks, and other unwelcome folks, but you learn to recognize them apart from legitimate prospective buyers. But, it's getting harder, because it seems that most on CL now want to get something for half of what it's worth. For that reason, I had several guitars listed for nearly a year with no real prospects. But, suddenly recently, I sold four within a month. I guess it being tax time helped. Sometimes you just have to be patient until the right person comes along.
  3. FLYING V 83

    FLYING V 83 Gibson Geezer Silver Supporting Member

    Mar 7, 2007
    NJ, land of perpetual roadwork
    That Ibanez is indeed super rare and I think that's the problem.
    Very niche market for a guitar like that. Your 3 years and no sale should prove that to some extent.
    My advice is get half of what you want and take it just to not still have the guitar 5 years from now.
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  4. hadley101

    hadley101 Member

    Aug 18, 2013
    S.E. Michigan
    Try posting the guitar over at MyLesPaul? That group would appreciate
    the Ibanez Les Paul you have for sale, these guitars are known to be
    great players but to only to a small select group of people.

    Before taking a beating at Guitar Center drop your asking price a
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  5. duaneallen

    duaneallen Supporting Member

    Feb 13, 2006
    I traded a few things in to Guitar Center lately and it wasn’t that bad. I am sick of shipping stuff and getting slaughtered on the costs. Also no matter how you describe a product it’s never good enough for some people and it becomes a huge hassle. I don’t have the time and energy to let something sit for a year or two. Guitar Center gave me close enough prices where I really didn’t lose very much at all when you factor in shipping and fees with the other services.
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  6. gnappi

    gnappi Member

    Jan 1, 2006
    South Florida
    Yup, I'd burn them before I gave them away for the "offers" I've received :)

    I had one guy try to beat me down more on a fairly priced 1990 335 saying "I need to re-sell it to make some money on it so will you take"?

    I closed the case, and asked him why he thought it was MY responsibility to see to it that he made a hundred extra bucks?
  7. RicardoDiazHimself

    RicardoDiazHimself Member

    Sep 8, 2018
    After that much time, I just start to drop the price by $50 each week or so.
    It's clearly not market price of it ain't selling in 3 years.
    And I know it's a nice guitar!
  8. Vic Interceptor

    Vic Interceptor Member

    Nov 3, 2011
    I'm sorry for your loss, but I feel we have recently had a paradigm shift... the day of the "dad blooz band" is dying and the pointy guitar is coming back in vogue. I LOVE IT! good gear is going down in price and crap I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole is skyrocketing. AQUANET FOREVER!

    But yeah, it's a buyers market. Too many guys want to be 'flippers', and artificially inflated the market for a while. That always crashes. 25 years ago, can anyone imagine a Princeton Reverb would be worth 3-5 times what a Twin Reverb would be? yep... sucks but true.
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  9. Frozen Rat

    Frozen Rat Gold Supporting Member

    Jul 31, 2015
    If you haven't found a buyer in 3 years you're asking too much. You may not want to get beaten up, but hey, who does? You need to consider that you don't set the market price, the market does. You either find the right price that the market will tolerate or you will never sell it. As for that kind of time, I'm distraught if it takes me 3 weeks to sell a guitar, there's no way I'd ever wait as long as you have. If I'm selling, I'm selling, and I find the market sweet spot or keep it. It's only money and you either want to move the guitar or you don't. Being stubborn gets you nowhere in life, or sales. You're going to almost always get less than you want. You certainly aren't going to be alone in that.
  10. cardinal

    cardinal Member

    Feb 26, 2008
    I’ve sold a bunch of guitars recently and took a loss on all of them. Some of them a huge loss. It just is what it is.

    I try to think of it like this: it’s worh something to me that at least I got to have fun with the guitars for the time that I did.

    I’m sure some folks are going to try to flip what I sell. Whatever. I’m just trying to move on and enjoy myself.
  11. ethomas1013

    ethomas1013 Supporting Member

    Jan 26, 2002
    Would you take $45 shipped for that?
  12. Stig Ø

    Stig Ø Member

    Aug 8, 2014
    That’s the thing with free markets - the buyers eventually decide what it’s worth. If the price is good enough for you, you sell - if not, you keep it. If you’ve had something up for sale for a year or more, the price is clearly too high. Waiting for that guy who sees “the true value” of whatever it is you’re selling is just costing you more time.
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  13. Moby Dick

    Moby Dick Member

    Sep 27, 2014
    The Motorcity
    Why are you willing to accept a low offer from Guitar Center but not from someone else?

    Decide if you really want to sell these guitars and then remove your ego from the transaction.
    Reduce the price until it sells and don’t look back.
  14. massacre

    massacre Silver Supporting Member

    Jul 15, 2016
    There are guitars on eBay that I have been eyeballing for years, they are still there because they are just priced too high.
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  15. Gallery

    Gallery Supporting Member

    Apr 16, 2013
    Red Bank, NJ
    If you aren’t willing to accept the market price and take a loss, your only choice is to keep it and enjoy it yourself. If it was priced correctly it would have sold in 3 years.

    I’ve been in your shoes and either took the loss or decided to keep it.

    I see this on Reverb all the time. Guitars that I would buy if they were priced according to the market sit for years because they are grossly over priced. Sellers expectations are unrealistic. I want a 70’s hardtail Strat, but people who list them for $3k are delusional. They sell quickly for half that when priced appropriately.

    There are guitars similar (not exactly the same) to yours on Reverb priced almost half what you are asking and they still aren’t selling. That should tell you something. It’s not the markets fault.
  16. mfranzdorf

    mfranzdorf Member

    Feb 10, 2014
    I’m with you. I just don’t get hung up on the money. Trade it in and move on.
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  17. sportycliff

    sportycliff Member

    Apr 9, 2016
    44.1 miles from Bar Harbor
    I can only comment with my own thoughts on this.

    Guitar Center won't scream and cry for a refund because they found an unseeable miniscule nick inside the back cavity, thereby
    reducing packing and shipping costs maybe several times. When the deal is done, the deal is done...
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  18. Alchemist XP

    Alchemist XP Silver Supporting Member

    Jun 11, 2016
    Seller sets the price.

    Buyer determines the price.

    That's reality. The gap between expectations and reality is where frustration is created.
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  19. MkIII Renegade

    MkIII Renegade Member

    Aug 25, 2017
    Hiding from Murder Hornets in Atlanta, GA
    I'll give you $55! :aok
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  20. naveed211

    naveed211 Member

    Apr 10, 2010
    Madison, WI
    I’ve started selling/trading more at Dave’s than selling outright. Once shipping and fees are taken out, I’m really only making a bit more selling outright, and dealing with the whole selling process and everything that comes with it is increasingly less worth it to me.

    That said, Dave’s offers are far better than Guitar Center’s. But I understand the frustration in selling.
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