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I found an OD that sounds good with my Blues Junior NOS....


And, it's been on my board for a long time. EHX Soul Food!! I have been using it as a clean boost with the drive turned all the way down. I decided to turn up the drive to about noon. OMG, did that sound awesome! So, that will now be my mid gain rhythm sound. Should I get another and turn the drive up higher for a higher gain rhythm sound, or something else? What should I now use as a solo boost, MXR Micro Amp, or? BTW, my OCD sounds like crap through the NOS but, the Full Drive II sounds great through that amp. I want to try the Wampler Plexi Drive Deluxe but, it's out of the price range right now.


Just try a clean boost with the Soul Food. Running both over unity. I dont love the Bluez Jr. drive sound on its own, but it works in combinations of other pedals like that one. But if you put too many drives the sparkle can become icepickle.


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I've been waffling on selling my Blues Jr Tweed for a while now, as I've found every distortion/fuzz pedal I have seems to sound as they say "boxy" when I run it through my Blues Jr. I don't believe it's the cabinet size, as I have 2 other combos that are just slightly bigger and I feel I hear the full dynamic range of all my fuzz and distortion pedals through them.

I've thought about trying some of those BillM mods to try and fix this too. One is very easy- just jumper 2 pins on the Mid potentiometer. But I may end up selling it.

I do like the clean sound, and the reverb is decent for a small tank reverb. That's all that keeps it from going on the auction block.

southpaw pete

Right on! Ive often wondered the same thing: when I find a drive I really like, do I find two different pedals to stack or two of the same set to different levels.

I play through a Blues Jr (with a Cannabis Rex speaker). My longest standing favourite drive pedals with that amp has been the Visual sound Jekyll and Hyde v2. It has beat out so many others, boutique and otherwise. Somehow that pedal feels right for me - i really like the body in the lower mids and subtle roll off in the highs of the Jekyll side. And then stacking the Hyde in for lead or thicker rhythm.

Then I started building an all Boss board and started using the BD-2 again. I had forgotten how much I like that pedal! So now I'm trying to decide the same thing - what do i stack with it, or do I get a second one with different levels?

Not sure what would work best in your case though. If I have a pedal with more mids, then I often go with something more transparent to stack with it, or vice versa. But it really is a quest of trial and error. With the Soul Food, since it isn't as thick in the mids as a TS, two of them stacked together could be cool. Good luck!

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