I hate the way my gear sounds today ...


I never put over 3-4 pedals on my board. Anymore pedals then that sucks tone. Even with true bypass. Unless I have a buffer or clean boost I like. Then I can run more. I can get sounds I need with just the ones I have so it's not that great of an issue.


I'm not saying "drop all pedals"
Well, someone's gotta, so I will!

When I paint myself into a corner, sonically, I strip it down to my favorite git/amp (old tele/brownface vibroverb) and just let 'er rip a while.

If that doesn't do it - I go all the way back to my National steel & a couple good mics.

Works like a charm, every time:D:RoCkIn


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... but a tube amp needs to be good and hot before givin up the goods...When I rehearse alone I don't think it ever really gets warmed up. Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 songs. But ya, it goes like that with tones...
I agree with the "tube amp" warm-up thing.

I will add that I also like to warm up my fingers and hands w/ some simple scales and stuff (no effects) before jumping into playing.

I have felt that "frustrated with my tone" feeling whenever I don't devote a few minutes to warm-up. I don't really see the connection, but it's there for me.


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My gear always sounds much better when someone else plays through it... :D

Seriously, it sometimes helps me to have one of my buddies play through my rig, and I just sit back & listen (especially at a jam or gig setup). It gives me a new appreciation for some of my gear, and also helps me hear whats not really working out.