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I have a custom guitar, now what?


Some months ago I had a custom made for me. (not sure how to upload pics from my laptop)
It has features from several different guitars I've liked and does pretty much everything I want a guitar to do.

I've dreamed of owning this for 7 years or so and now that I finally have it, I feel like "now what do I do?"

obvious answer is: play the ****ing thing!

I guess I am missing the lustful feeling I had before.

and I'm also not sure what to do with my other 6 guitars.
they all do different things, I have:

something straty with a bigsby
a Bass VI
a T15
something SG style
a mustang
and a partscaster.

these all are fine guitars, but not as perfect as my custom.
I'd like to keep the Bass VI because it's "different"
and something else for open tunings.

how to justify keeping my other guitars?
and how to deal with my being relieved of GAS?


Ive got 7 amps.

mostly use a Lab Series L3, ZT lunch box with a 4x10 cab, and a Randall.
I'm selling the rest.

I sort of have a spare custom...

my parts guitar has 2 pickups (the same pickups as my custom
same style neck as my custom, just a different shape body.

my custom has 3 pickups, strat positions, with a push-pull knob to get 7 postions.

so the custom does everything the partscaster does, and MORE

I thought I wanted to keep the PC, but I wanted it to do something different.
stuck some Chromes on it, but found it hard to do bends, so I tuned down to D-d
later, I put a capo on the 5th fret


Ain't no law against variety.......my favorite dish is Southern fried chicken but that doesn't mean I eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.


Clouds yell at me
Gold Supporting Member
You don't have to justify keeping them. Look at it from the other side--do you have a reason for getting rid of them? If so, do it. If not, don't. Pretty easy!


Invest in a Fender Classic Vintage Strat and a used Gorilla amp.

Tonal nirvana. Your collection just isn't complete as it is.


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