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I have different boards. I’ve discovered something...


I like my Fender amp gain to be set different for my different boards. Any of my boards will work through clean or dirty Fender amp. But, I’ve learned that I prefer the amp to be set clean, right at the edge of breakup, for one board. Another board, I like the gain to be cooking much higher (amp volume nearly double). For a third board, I like the gain and volume set in between the other two.

I’m controlling the volume with a Freyette Power Station PS-2. I’m keeping the overall volume about the same. Previously, I had always had the volume and gain set in one spot on the Fender. So, the PS-2 has changed my options for gain and volume.

Has anybody else discovered that they prefer certain dirt pedals (or other stomps) at a different amp setting vs another stomp or set of stomps?
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It’s all in the design of the pedal and the interaction it has with the amp .
You’ll have vastly different results putting an Overdrive pedal into a Fender Champ or Hi Watt DR-100
Th HiWatt has clean headroom that your ears may never be able to handle testing it’s loudest volume out on.
My 1953 Fender Champ is easily overloaded .

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