I have to confess!


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As a long time tube amp user (the last solid state amp I ever owned was a Lab Series L5 back in the 80's) I confess I have taken to running my Behringer V-Amp2 through the effects return of my Peavey Valveking. And it sounds big. I'm loving it. Makes my guitar sound huge. And I can call up almost any sound I want. In the past I had made fun of some of these modeling amps, but the V-Amp2 sounds great. Funny thing is I've owned it about 5 years and used it just for headphone practice playing along with a tune I wanted to learn. But that's changed for now. Guys in the band are always saying my tone sounds good too. I would never have believed it. Got to get another VAmp though as mine started acting up at rehearsal yesterday. Kept rebooting itself. But I think it is the power supply going wonky.

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