I just discovered Albert Lee


I love Chet atkins but haven’t explored much else in country. Just discovered Albert Lee and I’m blown away! Love the music and the virtuosity of his playing.

Who else should I be checking out in this genre?
Lee is killer! You discovered good!

Ricky Skaggs is also awesome. "Live in London" is my pick! Thats what sold me on Skaggs.


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I've told this story before but I went to see the Everly Brothers back in the early 80s, right after their Royal Albert reunion and subsequent restart of touring. Had no idea who was in the band, etc... and the guitar player steps up a few times, then takes over the band for Country Boy and good lord I'd never heard anything like it. It was of course Albert Lee and the most amazing part of his playing was he never in the setting of the Everly's over played ... other than Country Boy which was his one step out moment. He is the consummate sideman - always tasty - always serving the song. With enough chops to fill two arenas. Such a humble guy. Love him.

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