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I just discovered the Beatles. I bet you're jealous


Not even kidding. I am 40 years old and of course I have heard of them and was familiar with ONLY these songs:

‘Love Me Do’
‘She Loves You’
‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’
‘Can’t Buy Me Love’
‘A Hard Day’s Night’
‘I Feel Fine’
‘Eight Days A Week’
‘Ticket To Ride’
‘Day Tripper’
‘We Can Work It Out’
‘Paperback Writer’
‘Yellow Submarine’
‘Eleanor Rigby’
‘Penny Lane’
‘All You Need Is Love’
‘Hello, Goodbye’
‘Lady Madonna’
‘Hey Jude’
‘Get Back’
‘Come Together’
‘Let It Be’
‘The Long And Winding Road’

I am now listening to them in context. One album at a time. Not skipping songs. The talent these guys had... I'd cut off my left ear to be able to write something like that.

This week i listened to:
Magical Mystery Tour
Let it Be
The White Album
Sgt. Pepper

You know that feeling you had when you were 15 and heard "that" album for the first time?

I'm going through that right now.


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Hearing a lot of that stuff for the first time was really something. But honestly, there are quite a few of those songs that still carry that jolt of excitement for me when I hear the intros, especially from Rubber Soul onward. By that point, they were bringing something totally new just about every time and every new single or album was an event.


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The McCartney thing with Rick Rubin made me see their body of work a bit differently. Being a Millenial, it is so hard to look at their stuff in the proper context, because a lot of the stuff they were doing at the time, have become tropes of popular music, as though it has been there the whole time.


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I was 17 in 1964 and loved Beatle music from the time I first experienced them on the Ed Sullivan show. And we kids, and the world, really needed them at that time in history. I HAD to buy a guitar and try and figure out how they made that sound that was so different than what the USA recording industry was giving us. And, 57 years later I'm still trying to figure out my guitar and how they did what they did! The Beatles were magical to me and I still feel that uplift every time I hear the start of one of their songs on the radio.


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great...the context, of course, is important to get a fuller picture of the importance they had...i was 8 when they hit america, and i'm glad i was around for those days

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