I just got my Retrosonic Phaser and ...


Well first of all something is rattling and moving inside?!?! Is that normal?

Second of all it is very lush and pretty sounding. The problem is that it is to pretty and not deep and dramatic enough. I bought to replace my EHX Nano Small Stone that had volume loss and distorted but I can't get the dramatic sounds with the retrosonic.

So what next? The red witch moon phaser doesn't have a gain control so does it have volume loss?


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i've had a ton of phasers over the years and the retro-sonic sounds good, but it's definitely a lighter type of phase.

if you want a more dramatic phase with the ability to get deep, look no further than the Maxon PH-350. it's definitely right at the top of the list of all the phasers i've tried.

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