I just recorded a new song, what do you think?

By the way, vocals were recorded with an AT2035, acoustic guitar with matched pair of RODE NT5's. Electric guitars were a Gibson Smartwood Les Paul and a USA Strat, both through a Bogner Shiva into an Avatar cabinet with 2 Celestion vintage 30's, recorded by an sm57.
For kick drum, and Audix D6, Overheads were the same aformentioned RODE NT5s, snare was an SM57, toms were recorded by a cheap set of CAE drum mics (i foget what type, they were borrowed) and I used the AT2035 for a room mic as well.
The bass guitar, i recorded direct-in with Ampeg amp emulation software. All mics went into a MOTU 8pre. I used Cubase 5.
--This is in case anybody wants the geeky details!

small axe

like the verses with the reggae feel, maybe it reggaebillyrock.....the recording can be tweaked...keep it up


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Cooleo. Kinda reminds me of Primus, believe it or not.

I like the fresh perspective on typical styles.

B Money

i dig it. That's a bizzare, unique sounding verse. The instrumentation is quirky in a good way.
The toms sound kinda flat to me. In fact, all the drums could stand some eq, and I'd bring them up in the mix. The bass is a busy part and is hogging up lots of the low end. I'd like more kick drum.
The rockin' part is cool, and the loudest guitar tone is nice.

Generally speaking I think it sounds very good for a self-produced demo.
Thanks for the tips! I boosted the snare and kick drum a bit, then raised the level of all the drum tracks a good amount. I re-eq'd the toms to have more low-end and also added a bit of reverb to the tom tracks. I added a touch of delay to the main vocal track and the guitar solo track too. Finally, I slightly adjusted the bass guitar eq. Here's the result:
Better? Thanks!
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Rusty G.

Editing. . .Perhaps some of the timing issues could be cleaned up. Low shelve on the bass. More separation of the sounds via eq. . .Add a little something like compression, delay and reverb on the voice at :41, 1:41, etc. . .Overall, it's a good attempt for your second song.

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