I Liked The BD-2 Waza Craft

Discussion in 'Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things' started by Lef T, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. Lef T

    Lef T Member

    Nov 29, 2014
    Hopped on the ferry this morning to head to the main music shop
    which is on another island(Long & McQuades on Vancouver Island).
    I packed my Strat with me and checked out a few overdrives.
    I plugged into a Fender TRRI,which is the amp I use.
    Tried a Mesa Tone Burst
    With the gain fully cranked,it was still clean.
    More like a clean,boost pedal
    Tried a Flux Drive,but didn,t make me jump up and down.
    Played an Empress Germ Overdrive.Not bad.
    Tried an Ibanez Tube Screamer.Never had played one.
    Didn't sound great through the Twin.
    Tried a Fulltone Plimsoul.Not my cup of tea.
    Played the BD-2 Waza-Craft and it sounded good with the Strat and Twin
    I liked it when switched to custom mode.
    Gave it a bit more of a fatter sound.
    The tone control actually let me roll off the high end.
    I had owned a BD-2 in the past and couldn't roll off enough brightness on that one.
    I tried the Waza in the off mode and then plugged my guitar directly into
    amp and didn,t notice any tone change.
    I then tried a stock BD-2 and it was okay sounding,but I would say thinner sounding than the Waza.
    By the end of my testing,I was Overdrived out,but I liked the BD-2 Waza Craft the best
    of what I got to test out.
    It had a nice,natural sound to my ears.
    I played it with a low gain setting,which is the sound I like and the breakup was nice and smooth.
    Natural sounding would be my description.
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  2. King Rat

    King Rat Member

    Apr 18, 2010
    These would have been my findings as well.
    Except months later I persevered with the Flux Drive and found you need to have the bass at 3oclock and then everything else makes sense and it is actually quite great!
  3. batfish

    batfish Member

    Dec 28, 2014
    Me too!

    I got one of these a couple weeks ago to use as a more full range overdrive, as my other overdrives/boosts are more of the 'tone sculpting' variety ( a ts808 and a treble booster (keeley Java boost ). I wanted something for a nice, warm, low gain tone (the ts808 is for solos and the java boost is pretty flexible and I use it a couple different ways, but I digress).

    Anyway, I liked it well enough at home, but I played a show with it on Sunday, and though I only used it on a couple songs, it sounded great! I kept it in 'custom' mode and it worked really well a when my tele needed a little help in getting sufficient drive for the song.

    Worked great - it's built durably, looks cool and sounds good, I'm keeping it.
  4. Mike Duncan

    Mike Duncan Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 11, 2002
    LOCO, NoVA, US
    Love the pedal. I would buy another if I could - keep one in Custom and one in Standard mode.

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