I Love the Ergonomics of a Strat....but the Tone of a LP. What Do You Recommend?


Fender Showmaster HH - there ere a number of models, I have the Scorpion and the Blackout. Shaped like a Strat, but set neck and two humbuckers.


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....and the things you mention primarily (excepting only the pickups) have to do with the way the guitar feels, not sounds.....

But tone is definitely subjective, so I do agree to disagree. The SC245 is certainly a fine instrument.

Yes, I just mentioned those things in the interest of fully disclosing that I was somewhat biased against the DGT from the start. So, take my comments on the DGT with that in mind.

But I also mentioned the scale length, and IMO scale length is not just an ergonomic consideration. It has a huge impact on the tone. A longer scale length cannot yield the same low end "grunt" or "growl" you get from the LP (and to a lesser degree from the SC245). I don't hear the same low end tonal character from the DGT that I hear from a LP - nor do I hear that from any of the other 25" scale PRS instruments.

Do a search. There's lots of discussion/debate/disagreement on the effect of the scale length on tone.


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Like many others, I've gone down this road. As noted, there are many options that incorporate the woods typically used in an LP, and a set neck design, with a strat (ish) shape/control layout. You will end up with a guitar that is very comfortable to play but it will not sound like an LP. I finally did what so many here have recommended; if you want (the sound of) an LP, get one. See if you can get used to the ergonomics. Maybe they're not for you, but maybe they are. You won't know until you try one for a while. Now that I'm there, my GAS has decreased significantly. I went through many of the suggestions already provided in this thread (all really nice guitars too). Nothing wrong with any of them. But they weren't LPs. That's my 2 cents.


IMHO ... an LP needs to be played with a strap at all times ... even when sitting .. that solves my personal ergonomic issues with LPs and many other guitars

might not solve your issues with the LP .. but something to consider

Lots of great LPish guitars out there that come close ... whether or not they come close enough for you is the issue

Good luck



Another vote for the Cobra S by Tom Anderson. Had one and now regret ever getting rid of it.

Sold mine just over a year ago to help buy a brand-new R9. (Sold the R9 though a few months later used for what I paid for it new.) Don't miss the Cobra S but again, for what the OP wants, it does come about as close as possible.



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An interesting choice, ergonomically-speaking. Tone-Pros bridge, 24 3/4-scale, Duncan 59/JB, recessed forearm contour...looks to deliver LP-vibe with Strat comfort. I've been impressed with Cort for awhile now...they seem to be a step above what everyone else is doing across the pond.
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Try a 335.
Nice ergonomics.

To look at, far, far, away from a Strat in feel and way awkward, close enough to the LP in tone.
I'd say someting from the 'super strat' category if the strat character is most important or some sort of set-neck LP/PRS thing and that includes all those Ibanezes and import things, plus L'Arrivee if the 25.5 with a flat fretboard, appeals to you.


It's an interesting idea--something I've thought about... I would probably try this if I were searching:

Custom strat, mahogany body/neck, rosewood fretboard and a pair of PAF style pickups. I'd probably go hardtail on it too since you'll be calling the shots. I don't know of anything off the shelf that will work. I'm in the same boat and have been looking into something similar.


A massive part of the Les Paul sound is the combination of a fixed bridge and the 24,75" scale length. [...] you might consider buying a conversion neck from Warmoth [...]


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To look at, far, far, away from a Strat in feel and way awkward, close enough to the LP in tone.

Awkward only if a 335 is new to your experience.
The 335 fits the body as well and maybe even better than a Strat, like you can wrap yourself around it almost at one with your body.
And yes, it will do a close tone match, maybe even better than an LP.


I really only play strats. From time to time I yearn for a LP sound, but so far haven't bought a guitar to satisfy that need. The closest in sound, which still felt good to me was the PRS McCarty. Feels great to a strat player - great coil tap, nice sound when you use the volume knob, and crucially for a strat player, only one master volume knob.

I played one for a whole day at an outdoor demo with a band once, and that guitar totally won me over. Too much money for a second guitar for me though.

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