I messed up my own neck order!*##*@!!


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so I had Musikraft build me an awesome neck.. and it is magnificent... its everything I wanted in wood, profile, fret size, just completely killer. abalone fretboard dots and brass side dots, which i was REALLY looking forward to.

then, in a last minute stroke of inspiration, I chose to make it a lefty! a reverse strathead on my mutant charvel build? hell yeah!

I got it today, super fast build time and delivery, couldnt be happier...
except for one thing.
im not left handed.
and the awesome brass side dots are upside down.:bonk

anyway. Im not going to cry about it too much, as none of my guitars are perfect and I wouldnt know what to do with one if it was.

but I will say this... anyone even considering a neck or body needs to check out musikraft, or jamerson guitars on ebay.
the quality of this neck is the best of any custom neck Ive seen, and I cant wait to bolt it up. properly.


Hendrix played with his teeth because that way he could see the side markers on his guitars. ;)


No biggie... a friend of mine IS a lefty but strings his guitars right-handed. Whenever he wants to assemble a new guitar, he buys a righty neck (to same some $$$) and adds his own side dots.

All you need is a drill press & some side dot material. Mark off the desired locations, drill, put in a drop of glue, set the material in the hole, cut, and sand smooth.
Not trying to be cute but the guys there know you, right?

They didn't ask if it was for Lefty or Righty use and ask where you wanted the markers?

I think there's a kind of brutal honesty about a Lefty neck with Lefty markers only, actually. I think it will look great.

But whenever I have shopped for or bought a Lefty neck from USACG or Warmoth, the first thing I was asked is: Is this for Lefty or Righty use? Tommy (USACG) stuck the extra markers on a Web neck for free.

Sounds cool. Pictures!


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As long as you don't need the markers, I think it's fine ... after all, it's a lefty neck on a righty guitar, correct? Own it with pride.

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