I need a power conditioner for our PA.


Id like something that has multiple outs.
There is far to much dirty power in the venues we have been playing,
and I am sick of the hum and buzz.

Any suggestions on something to check out?

Ive been currently using my Monster Power Pro 200 power bar, but that isnt really working out to well.

I need something that is going to make life easier and sound better.


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going down this road you never know if it's voltage regulation or not. . . . in which case i'd recommend something like the furman ar 1215. if you KNOW that 'conditioning' is all you need, i'd recommend the furman pt8-sd. i like that it has isolated outlet banks. i'm totally curious about the art pr8 pro also. it reads like the expensive furman 1800 on paper and costs half as much. . .

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