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I Need EF86 Tube Help


Gold Supporting Member
Hey Killa, I tried out the tubes you sent me. I really like the Tele. The Tungsram is good too. I keep going back and forth between the Tele and the Dario. They are both way better than the sovtec or the Bugle Boys. I like the added gain of the Tele, but it seems a little on the dark side and the RT66 is already a dark amp. The Dario also seems to clean up quicker than the Tele when I roll back the guitars volume. But the Tele seems to add a little extra punch to the amp.

I also figured out why I thought the Dario was microphonic. The spring retainers on the power tubes are vibrating. It's not coming through the speakers, but I can here it in my practice room. The amp is against the wall, and the room is pretty small, and the amp gets the whole room vibrating when I crank her up. In a live mix I don't here it though, or the ghost notes.

Anyway, thanks for the sweet deal. I'll shout at you the next time I head to Fayettville. I'll probably do a motorcycle trip that way in the spring.

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