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I need help recording horns..


I'm getting ready to record a ska band in February, and I need some help with recording their horn section. They have a trumpet, trombone, alto sax, and baritone sax. I've heard that ribbon mics are the best for horns, but I don't have any ribbon mics, and I won't be able to buy one. I'm probably going to experiment with what I have, but it would be better in my eyes to have some sort of starting point. Does anybody have any suggestions for recording horns? Mic choice, mixing techniques, miking techniques, anything. I've never recorded horns, and for some reason I can't find much online about them. I would appreciate any input.


Dog Boy

i would try a MS technique with the trumpet and trombone a few steps behind the saxes. I think any good condenser mics will work depending on what sound you are going for.

If you are recording a solo I've had great luck with an EV PL20 on sax. Never recorded a solo trumpet.

Good luck...it will be an education for sure.


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