I need some garage band help


So i just got a brand new Jamman Stereo in the mail today :D and my first priority is to load it with a bunch of drum tracks so it will be like having a drum machine within the looper. I found that garage band has a bunch of good drum tracks, but I am not sure what the best way to get them on there would be. I have never used GB before and know next to nothing about it. I tried just picking one of the tracks and move it to the "song" so i have the empty grand piano track and the little drum loop snippet underneath.
What do i do next? I tried clicking 'share' at the top and exporting song to disk, but when i do that the Jammanager software can't recognize it. I'm really lost here, any help would be GREATLY appreciated :bow Rock on! :band


The first thing to do would be find out what format the Jam-Manager software reads. Also, your snippet can be looped for as long as you want, place the cursor near the end of the sample at the top and click and drag to the right. There are many good tutorials online for Garage Band, search for them.

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