I need some new music...


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Something relatively contemporary.

I like everything from Tool, Radiohead, & Mars Volta to Danny Gatton, Bill Frisell, Miles Davis & John Mclaughlin, depending on my mood.



There are some GREAT young Indie bands around nowadays

Father John Misty
Beach House
Milo Greene
Satellites Fall

And hey! i see you're from Boston. Me too. I go to a lot of the local shows in town and there are really some awesome bands in Boston. Look for these...

You Can Be A Wesley - (not currently together, but a band from boston university)
Night Fruit - (playing a gig next Friday in Cambridge..Cheap money!)

these last two are playing together tonight at Brighton Music Hall. It's Mean Creaks CD release party. should be a blast, i will be there.

Mean Creak
You Won't

Definitely check out You Won't. yes the band is named "You Won't" They are absolutely a great band. Josh's lyrics are untouchable. They have a Dylan/folkie sound.

Hope you like some of those! I'm always trying to push NEW music on TGP cuz it seems its all filled with blues and classic rock.

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