I no longer like the SRV Strat sound


Listening to the latest TPS episode where they had Matt Schofield on with his Strat and his Mad Professor Supreme pedal of which part is a modified tube screamer, they had sections with Matt playing with his band.

I think the Supreme sounds a bit clearer in the top end and not as mid humped as a regular TS. I realize though that I’ve really grown to dislike that really clear and screaming top end that Strats produce through this type of pedal into a big clean amp. Am I in the minority here at TGP in not liking this SRV tone?

I think I have felt the same about Clapton for a long time. Love his playing and note choices, just not his tone, neither on record or when I’ve seen him live. I think I prefer to push a Strat more in a PAF direction with a pedal, rather than a drive down volume maxed on a TS. Maybe I should just give in and stop trying to get an ES335 tone out of a Strat. LOL
I never thought of Matt as a SRV guy. Sure, he's a big fan, but he never played like him nor did he really sound like him.

I went to one of his gigs about three weeks ago and the Two Rock + Supreme OD combo sounded nothing like Stevie. Way more polite albeit fatter rather than the stingy and heavier sound of Stevie (which I personally prefer).


I was never a SRV fan due to the songs themselves. His tone is really nice. I appreciate the tone he made. It’s not a tone I’d ever care to make though. While everyone was trying to sound like SRV I was off to the side trying to sound like Ronson Angel #9.


I like SRVs sound a lot but was never a Strat player and never tried to emulate him. The problem was the generation of derivative Strat players who kept pushing that Texas high powered blues thru Strat image and sound in slightly different flavors. It got old really fast. That takes nothing away from SRV though. You could say the same about EVH.


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SRV got bored with SRV. What I mean by that is he had at least two iterations of his tone recipe. Everything before "In Step" was Fender blackface cleans pushed by pedals, and more or less a reproduction of a live stage setup. For the "In Step" sessions, his tones changed. Not dramatically, but I noticed the difference on the first radio cut, "Crossfire."

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