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I now own a Kemper again


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Back in November 2013, I bought me a Kemper and used a Tech 21 PE60 cab. I had it for the weekend and really was amazed at the thing.

But I owned a few amps already, Fender Supersonic 60, 22, and an upgraded Pro Jr. I got cold feet on the 2k price and returned it.

Well, I was bitten and infected and the disease took over and last night I bought a used one with profiles they bought of Two Rocks and Carol Ann amps. Like new, never left the studio,,,

I need to get another Tech 21 PE60, this time with a Vintage 30.

In order to do this I must sell my tube amps, that is the hardest part. But I can't afford to keep them and the Kemper sadly, (my choice).

My gut says getting back into the Kemper is the better way to go on many levels, I just turned 60,, the amps crap out and weigh too much, (SS60).

I can't turn back now lol, the train has left the station.

Hey,, wanna buy an amp? Like new!


I'd get rid of the two supersonics and keep the modded Blues jr just for when you feel like playing through a tube amp. It also takes pedals really well and is not too heavy to take to a jam, or move around.

Enjoy the Kemper. I think it will be my next purchase!


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If you want to maximize your experience with the KPA get on the list for an Atomic CLR. I think once you have those two you won't mind selling some tube gear but you may always find yourself wanting playing it through a PE60.


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Ask the seller if they still have the purchase order and can sent it to you. That helps with Kemper figuring out your 3 year warranty, which is transferrable to you by just owning it. But figuring out the sell date would be THEIR date of manufacture is my guess if you can't prove when it was purchase, which takes away time from your warranty.

I've had mine a year now, sold my boutique amps, and really do not miss them anymore, although I had clammy hands at first.

But don't sweat it. At 60 you don't need any more anxiety. It's a toy, it's a tool, enjoy, and RULE!

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