I own an PRS Custom 24 10-top 25th Anniversary, Carvin CT624 and a PRS S2 Mira

I know what a great instrument feel and sounds like. The PRS S2 Mira is a great workhorse instrument. It sounds great, it feels great and plays great. It's one of my guilty pleasure. It is equal to an Custom 24 with 57/08 ? No but its about 2k less for being about 95% there. If you ever hesitated about getting a S2 Mira, don't. There is a lot of snobbery among PRS owner and they will always claims the higher end model is worth the difference.

I planned on finding an pair of 57/08 pickup to replace the S2 Mira pickup (not because I don't like them) so we can do real comparison between the two. I bet in a blind test, it will be difficult to differentiate them.

A couple years ago I did a video comparison between my guitars. Mind you I was a pretty poor player back than (I'm still are). So take the playing with a grain of salt and just listen to the tone. Tell me what you think



No but its about 2k less for being about 95% there.

Well, you just described every high-priced, custom-shop guitar. People pay a lot of money for that last 5 percent. Discerning players demand that last percentage and can feel the difference. Otherwise, we would all play MIM Fenders, which are decent guitars.

To quote Gale Boetticher (Breaking Bad): "I can guarantee you a purity of 96 percent. I’m proud of that figure, it’s a hard earned figure. Ninety-six. However, this other product is 99. Maybe even a touch beyond that. I’d need an instrument known as a gastronatograph to say for sure, but umm... that last three percent...it might not sound like a lot... but it is, it’s tremendous, it’s a tremendous gulf."

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